Airstream Basecamp Travel Trailer Review: Lightweight Comfort

Get ready to go with the Airstream Basecamp travel trailers for sale here at BT Camper Sales! These RVs are built to give you more flexibility and easier travel, so hitting the open road has never been easier. Plus with prices as low as $36,500, you can take home one of the three floorplans available for a fraction of the regular cost. Let’s take a closer look in this Airstream Basecamp travel trailer review!

Airstream Basecamp Travel Trailer
Check out our amazing Airstream Basecamp Travel Trailers!

Easy Travel For Two

The Airstream Basecamp is built to be easily be towed and easily configured to make the perfect RV for two people. The compact and lightweight design will make hitching up and heading to the campground so easy. And you will find that the ease with which you can tow it will make even your trips to and from your destination more enjoyable.

Airstream Basecamp Travel Trailer Interior
The convertible interior gives you everything you need while still keeping the weight of the RV down.

Convertible Interior

Due to the compact size, the designers at Airstream had to add some innovative features to the inside of the camper.  With a fully convertible lounge, storage, and sleeping area, you will get three functional items without taking up more interior space. There will even be additional overhead storage spaces to allow you to bring along all that you need.

Airstream Basecamp Travel Trailer Interior
You will even have kitchen and bathroom amenities to make the perfect home-on-wheels.

Comforts Of Home

The interiors of these travel trailers will be much more than a space for you to sleep but will  come with more ways to keep you comfortable at the campground. Items such as the 2-burner cooktop stove, Fantastic Fan, and bathroom will make this RV a cozy home-on-wheels. There will even be a sliding, removable screen door to let more fresh air inside, so you can feel the wonderful weather from the comfort of your RV.

Our Airstream Basecamp travel trailers are made to be lightweight, comfortable, and perfect for two. If you are ready to hit the open road with ease, feel free to contact us for more information on these RVs, or just stop on by our location and take a look at them for yourself.

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