Airstream Smart RV Control Technology: The Smarter Way to Camp

Camping and RVing does not have to be a rustic wilderness experience! With the new Airstream Smart RV Control Technology, you can control and monitor most of your RV features from anywhere! The Smart App kit simply installs to your phone and syncs with your Airstream, allowing you to enjoy both creature comforts while camping as well as peace of mind when you’re exploring new territory. Check out some of these great features!

  • Lights: Control your lights and set them in custom modes, such as for movie watching, with just a simple tap in the app.
  • Awning: No more hassle with the awning! With Airstream’s Smart RV Control Technology, you can send the command to open or close the awning all from your phone!
  • Locate Your Airstream: Have you spent the day exploring? Whether you’ve been out driving around or hiking, the Smart RV app can tell you where your Airstream is and help you get back to camp easily and quickly.
  • AC and Heat Pump Control: keep the internal temperature of your Airstream comfortable and safe if you have the leave the pets behind for a couple of hours.
  • Control Vent Fans: keep the air flowing inside so coming home to your Airstream is like a breath of fresh air!
  • Monitor Tank Levels: Don’t run out of fresh water! Your app can monitor the tank levels so you don’t find yourself in a bind! You can also check your propane levels so you can always be ready to fire up the stove for cooking meals.
  • Check Battery Voltage: stay safe and confident while on the road. Nobody likes to find themselves with a dead battery and no replacement for miles around. Say goodbye to this anxiety with Airstream’s Smart RV Technology!
  • Boost Local WiFi or 4G LTE Signal: Stay connected and stay civilized even after leaving civilization and being off grid.

Airstream Smart RV Technology

With the Smart App kit from Airstream, you can enjoy all of these smart features and more! Contact us today if you’re ready to learn more about this technology for your Airstream, or if you want to explore the Airstream RVs in our inventory! Smart RV Control Technology: The Smarter Way to Camp.

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