Amazing S’mores You Have to Try!

The S’more is an iconic campfire classic: crispy graham cracker, melty chocolate, and a gooey, toasted marshmallow make this a sticky-sweet favorite on any camping trip.

S'more Recipes

National S’more Day is August 10, so plan to try these amazing S’mores on your camping trip this summer in your new or used RV and watch your family come running back for, well, s’more! We think these will be the best S’mores you’ll ever try!

Strawberry Marshmallows

This take on the classic is easy: just swap out regular marshmallows for the pink ones. Mm-mm, good!

S'more Recipes

For an elegant strawberry S’more (yep, we just put elegant and S’more in the same sentence), spear whole strawberries onto your roasting sticks, dip in marshmallow crème, and toast the crème-dipped strawberry until golden brown. Enjoy by itself, or add in the chocolate and graham cracker.

Change Up the Chocolate

Replace the regular chocolate bar with a couple of Andes mint candies for a cool twist.

S'more Recipes

Or swap it out for a peanut butter cup. Mix and match your outer and inner layers by trading out the graham cracker for mini pretzels, and the chocolate square for a chocolate covered salted caramel.


Can’t Help Falling in Love…

…with The King of all flavors. If you really want to go wild, think “Elvis” – the guy was known for crazy combinations of peanut butter, chocolate, banana, and…bacon! Stack your graham cracker and marshmallow with a peanut butter cup, slice of banana, and a small piece of bacon ready-made for a salty, sweet, unique flavor.

S'more Recipes


Whether you like the classic S’more or changing it up for a little variety, you can’t go wrong. Which of these amazing S’mores do you want to try first? Many RVs come with exterior kitchens, so keeping a stash of S’more fixings on hand in your outdoor mini fridge and pantry means you can try lots of delicious, amazing S’mores all summer long. Contact us today if you’d like to explore our inventory.

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