Bunkhouses, Lofts, and Murphy Beds, Oh My! Shop By Floor Plan

No two families are the same – so your RV should be perfect for your family’s particular needs. You should be able to utilize every inch of your new or used RV, and not face the quandary of either wasted space or not enough room. Did you know you can shop by floor plan? It’s an easy way of picking an RV that accommodates your family’s unique needs. Take a look below!

RVs with a Bunkhouse

There are so many RVs with bunkhouses to choose from! One particular favorite of ours is the brand new Grand Design Transcend travel trailer. You can opt for a bunkhouse with 2 double bunks, or a more spacious bunkhouse with triple or even quadruple bunks.

Shop By Floor Plan

Each kid can have their own space comfortably, and there’s plenty of room to stash the backpacks and toys! Take a look at more photos and details of this travel trailer here, and compare it to all of our RVs with a bunkhouse.

Shop By Floor Plan

RVs with a Murphy Bed

RVs with a Murphy bed, like our Grand Design Imagine XLS travel trailer for sale, are fantastic options when you’ll pretty much only be in the RV for eating and sleeping or for an overnight guest. If you’ve got big plans for the day away from the RV, a Murphy bed floor plan could be the perfect arrangement for your family. It can also help decrease the overall size of your RV since it’s getting more mileage out of the available space.

Shop By Floor Plan

Fold it up in the morning to give you the floor space you need, and utilize it in the evening when you’re ready to go to bed. Check out more photos and details here, or explore all of our RVs with a Murphy bed here.

RVs with a Loft

We also have several RVs with a loft for sale, such as the Grand Design Momentum toy hauler. Lofts are perfect for families with small children so they can have their own space! Lofts can range from enough space for single or double bunk mats and more! Check out our RVs with lofts here.

Regardless of what kind of floor plan your family needs, we have you covered. Contact us today. We’d love to help you get on the road in an RV that’s perfect for you!

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