Camping Games for All Ages

What makes a great vacation? Plenty of preparation! You wouldn’t set off for a camping trip in your new or used RV without making a campground reservation, an RV toolkit in storage, or a plan for your meals around camp. But that same kind of preparation for how you spend your days will go a long way. Here are some great camping games for all ages to fill up time around camp!

For Young Children

I haven’t met a child yet who didn’t love a good treasure hunts! Find some printables from Pinterest for nature scavenger hunts – just make sure the things you’ll be looking for are indigenous to the area you’ll be camping in! Your nature scavenger hunt can include animals, pinecones, acorns, berries, and more.

Camp Games

Leave the printables at home? No worries! When one of our kids was little, we made quick work of a 5 mile hike by having her look for “Sets of Five” along the hiking trail: five brown leaves, five green leaves, five spotted leaves, five of the smallest leaves she could find, and so on. Some quick creativity like this can pass the time even if you forget a more organized scavenger hunt list!

For Tweens and Teens

Some fun competition around camp is not only great for livening the mood, but for actually getting stuff accomplished! Give your teens camp set-up tasks and make it competitive, such as a campfire starting race, using flint fire starters and safe fire building parameters.

Camp Games

Sleeping bag hop is also a fun and silly game to try. Zip your teens up fully in sleeping bags, then have them hop along a set distance – kind of like an old fashioned sack race.

For The Whole Family

Nothing will ever beat stories around the campfire! Set aside at least one night to have stories and s’mores – and leave the phones inside the RV! This time together as a family will be priceless.

Camp Games

For inclement weather, have a backup plan with a couple of board games. Don’t overpack on this – maybe just one or two new board games will be good. Try cooperative games, which means everyone works, wins, or loses together. You might be surprised at the levels of teamwork that come into play!


We can help you with any RV service and repair needs or even help you with shopping for a new or used RV, so contact us today. With a little bit of planning – and appropriate amounts of flexibility – you can enjoy the best vacations yet this year with your family!

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