For the RVing Newbie: Popular Types of RVs


Did you know that 40 million people in the U.S. go RV camping every year? Of those 40 million, a whopping 9 million families own their RVs.


And with 16,000 public and private campgrounds throughout the States, RVers have no lack of options for settling down.


Are you interested in becoming one of the lucky owners of an RV? Do you want to live the life of a full-time traveler? Even if you only want to vacation out of it, RVs are a fun, exciting, and timeless investment.


But with all the types of RVs out there, which one is best for your lifestyle?


We’ll go through the common types here so you can make a sound decision!


There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to buying an RV.


The size and model depend on your family, your budget, and your towing vehicle. You may be a minimalist that doesn’t require a lot of space — or a family of five with a dog.


No matter your wishes, with all the types of RVs out there, you’re sure to find one that satisfies you.


Here’s what you can expect to see at your local dealership.



Motorhomes are RVs with the motor attached!


With these guys, you won’t need a towing vehicle, as it’s a part of your home — hence the name motorhome. Because you’re essentially getting a car with your home, you can expect to pay a little more for some of these vehicles.


Motorhomes come in three different styles: Class A, Class B, and Class C.


A Class A motorhome is the “bread and butter” of the RV world. It’s the largest type of motorhome out there, suitable for any size family. It’s got a shower, bedrooms, a kitchen, storage space, and more. 


These are especially perfect for those who are planning to clock a lot of windshield time.


A Class B motorhome is like a camper van — much smaller than a Class A, but still has the necessities like a kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Of course, you can expect to be a little more cramped. 


These are great for traveling couples or small families.


A Class C motorhome, the smallest of the motorhomes, makes ample usage of its tiny space. You’ll likely see an over-cab bed on the vehicle, allowing for more space within it.


These are perfect for smaller families that are on more of a budget.



Towable RVs are obviously different in that they are homes you tow behind your towing vehicle


These have many perks — they are typically more affordable since you’re not paying for the attached motor. Because of this, they’re also more dependable. And lastly, you’re able to detach your car at any time to explore sans-home.


Towables, like motorhomes, come in a variety of styles, sizes, and models. Your decision will vary based on budget, family size, travel plans, and the like.


Fifth wheels are ideal for families that want some more space. Maybe you’ve got a larger family, or you’re planning to be on the road a lot, and you want to feel comfortable. 


The over-cab space provides not only more room, but also more stability for your towing experience.


Travel trailers are like their fifth wheel cousins, minus the over-cab storage/sleeping space.


Because they’re smaller, they can get towed by a broader range of vehicles. A travel trailer with slide-outs can provide ample space for the traveling or stationary family.


Toy haulers can be fifth wheels or travel trailers — and they can haul toys or provide extra space for humans. If your family has ATVs, dirt bikes, motorcycles, or the like, a toy hauler offers a flat area for storage.


Additionally, that space can get used for extra sleeping, living, and storage space.


Expandables are durable trailers with slide-out or add-on expandables. This means that they’re smaller while on the road but can expand for your convenience once you’ve stopped. 


Expandables are ideal for shorter-term camping with fewer items to store. It allows you to immerse yourself in nature in a small but effective camping mechanism.



These babies are beautiful.


Airstream has been one of America’s favorite types of RVs. Airstream’s mission was to create something sleek, lightweight, towable, and expertly-designed. And that’s exactly what they did — combined practical layouts with stunning displays.


These American-made trailers are perfect for those who aren’t as concerned with a budget. Airstreams come with a higher price tag, and for good reasons. Their production is so refined, so well-known and respected, that you’re truly getting what you pay for.


Their shells are made from an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy that sits atop a steel frame. The labor-intensive process of making an Airstream involves carefully sealing all holes and producing a durable body. The metal construction means that your Airstream can weather almost any storm you put it through.


Airstreams, like other trailers, come in a variety of styles. At our dealership, we offer the following models:

  • The Nest – Airstream’s newest model
  • The Globetrotter – Modern, clean design with a large body
  • The Basecamp – Lightweight, SUV-towable, small body rear hatch, sleek aerodynamics
  • The Flying Cloud Series – Many feature options, such as bunks, dinette, and extra storage. Ranges from 19-30′
  • The Classic Series – Elegant floorplan, perfect for everyday living. Three attached awnings
  • International Serenity – A travel trailer built for the open road
  • The Sport Series – Gas-efficient, lightweight, super-compact. Available in 16 or 22′
  • International Signature – Classic outside, contemporary inside. Huge windows provide natural light
  • The Interstate Lounge EXT – Here’s your motorhome version of the Airstream


The options with Airstreams are as plentiful as ever. Like all RVs, there are a variety of choices to suit any family or lifestyle.


Live the RV Life!

Now that you know all the types of RVs, we hope you’re one step closer to making a decision.


RV life is a fun way to experience your surroundings in a manner that not everyone else gets to. Buy an RV and gain a unique perspective on the world around you!


Contact us today for all questions regarding RV living. We can help get you into the perfect fit.

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