Homeschooling in Your RV: Tips for the School Year Ahead

The end of last school year was certainly memorable, and the same is proving true for this year! Join the countless families across the United States and use this time to do the one thing you’ve always wanted to do more of with your family – travel!

“Roadschooling” in Your RV

Homeschooling in your new or used RV, or “roadschooling,” as it’s come to be known as, is simply making these unusual times in your child’s education work for you.

Homeschooling in Your RV

If millions of parents are working from home, and their children’s education has gone online as well, then pack up your things, take your laptops and tablets with you, and hit the open road!

Different Kinds of Homeschooling

Some public schools offer a strictly online program, while others offer NTI (non-traditional instruction). Whether these are the options your child is enrolled in or whether you left the school system entirely in favor of actual homeschooling, traveling while homeschooling in your RV can increase your child’s experiences and knowledge of the world around them.

Homeschooling in Your RV

Plus, making a safe travel plan (within the current guidelines, of course!) can help reduce the mental frustration that isolation has brought for so many.

How Do I Homeschool from My RV?

Simply take the school supplies with you! If it’s all online instruction, all you’ll really need is whatever device your child uses to access their classes and homework. If you’re homeschooling with the curriculum of your choice, simply pack along the books and supplies you’ll need for the time you’ll be gone.

Homeschooling in Your RV

One of the best ways to get the most out of combining road trips with your child’s education is working their studies into your travel plans. Geography, history, and science are all intertwined. Learning about geothermal energy? Take a trip to Yellowstone National Park! Studying American history? Head to Williamsburg, Gettysburg, and Philadelphia. Want an up close encounter with geology and water? You won’t want to miss seeing the Grand Canyon and learning about its formation.

Take a look at what your kids are studying in subjects like history, geography, and the sciences and see if you can find a travel destination that aligns with what they’re learning! In a year (or more) of upheaved school, this will be one way to help commit their lessons and what they’re learning to memory.

Homeschooling in Your RV

Are you ready to turn another difficult school year into one that’s memorable and even fun? Contact us today – we can help you pick out the perfect new or used RV for your family’s roadschooling adventures!

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