How to Winterize Your RV: Don’t Miss Our FREE Seminar & Follow These Easy Steps!

Summer is over, fall is breezing by, and the cold months will soon be upon us! Make sure your new or used RV is stored properly during cold weather by winterizing it properly. This is simply a series of steps you can take to ensure it stays in good condition and is resistant to damage that can be caused by exposure or harsh conditions, and is ready to hit the road when you are next spring! We’ve also made the process even easier with a free RV winterization seminar. We’ll walk you through every step!

Winterization Seminar

What Does Winterization Include?

Winterizing your RV isn’t difficult, but it’s important to get it done right. RV winterization includes the following:

  • Prepping Lines and Tanks
    • Drain fresh, black, and grey holding tanks, properly disposing of black/grey tank contents at a dump site.
    • Open all faucets throughout the RV, which allows air to circulate.
    • Blow air through the lines using an air compressor and close faucets.
    • Add antifreeze to plumbing system.
  • Clear and Clean Out
    • Clean your RV thoroughly, starting with the kitchen. Remove all food, including dry goods and pantry items. Strip bed and bath linens and give them a fresh wash.
    • Sweep/vacuum floors, clean windows and wipe down surfaces.
  • Inspect and Protect
    • This is the time to check for any damage your RV may have sustained, and any repairs needed. This includes checking the roof, slide outs, seals, and tires. Whether you want to DIY or contact our RV service department, make sure to prioritize repairs before storing your RV for the winter.
    • Cover all access points including vents and holes. Your RV does not need to become a cozy home for rodents over the winter!
    • If at possible, leave your RV on blocks over the winter to take weight and pressure off the tires.

Mark Your Calendar for Our Free RV Winterizing Seminar

This was just a quick run down of some of the steps included in how to winterize your RV, but we can help with a more thorough guide! Join us for our FREE seminar on how to winterize your RV. It’s just a few weeks away, so mark your calendars now and RSVP today!

November 6, 2021 – 10:00am

Coffee and lunch will be provided! Click here to RSVP, or contact us today with any questions!

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