Pre-Order Your RV: How to Order Your New or Used RV Online!

We make shopping online for a new or used RV incredibly easy! Covid-19 and its restrictions can make in-person shopping a little trickier, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pick out the perfect RV for your family.

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Here’s a quick rundown of how you can pre-order your RV with all the features you want that’s fully customized to your needs!

  1. Shop All Units

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First, click the “search” button on the bar on our home page. That will give you a full listing of all of our new and used RVs for sale in our inventory. To the left, you’ll see several menu options. Click on what RV type you want on the left to pare back the search returns.

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  1. Sort By Brand or Manufacturer

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Next, take a look at the available brands and manufacturers we carry. If there’s one in mind you prefer, click that box now. It will narrow down the search results instantly!

  1. Sort By Floor Plan Features

Here comes the fun part: picking the floor plan features you want!

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Need an RV with a bunkhouse? What about an outdoor kitchen? Maybe a bath and a half or outdoor entertainment? Select the floor plan features you want and your search results will update as you go.

  1. Anything Else?

You can also use the search options on the left to narrow down your options based on your budget and price range, family size and sleeping accommodations, weight, and more! Selecting all of your specific needs helps you dial in on your perfect-for-you new RV.

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To help make your final decision clear, you can select multiple different models and do a side by side comparison, all online! For example, our Forest River IBEX travel trailers for sale come in four different floor plans. Click here to compare the differences.

When you click on a unit, you’ll have the option to “View all ____ Floorplans,” which will take you to a landing page to see all of the options for that type of unit.

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Make sure to look at the additional options you can add on or upgrade, like switching a Queen bed out for a King, adding an HDTV in the bedroom, or upgrading the kitchen fridge for something a little bigger.

  1. Pick Your Décor Colorway

Once you’ve decided on which RV you want, make it truly yours. Every inch of your new or used RV should be exactly the way you want it – so pick the décor pattern and color you want from what’s available on each listing!

Preorder RV

One easy way to do this is to click on the “Factory Brochure” button you’ll see when exploring the floor plans. It will quickly pop up with examples of interior decor color!

Preorder RV

  1. Give Us A Call

Finally, contact us. Let us know the RV you’ve picked out and all the features you want on it. Make sure you tell us everything – starting with the RV model, but also all of the extra details you’ll need, including the options and upgrades you want as well as the colorway. Have questions about RV financing? We can handle that too.

We make shopping online for a new or used RV so easy! Contact us today if you have questions about how to pre-order your new or used RV!

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