RV Accessories: Our Top 10 RV Camping Essentials for First-Timers

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If you’ve recently purchased your first RV, welcome to the world of mobile living!

Unfortunately, your RV doesn’t come fully stocked with all the essential items you’ll need for living on the road.

While you probably have the basics covered, there are a few random essentials most first-timers aren’t aware of!

Here are 10 RV accessories worth adding to your inventory for a truly enjoyable and convenient vacation on the road.

RV Accessories to Add to Your Inventory

It may seem like a bit of cruel joke that some of these accessories aren’t included in the price you pay for an RV. In fact, many RV owners would say that some of these items are necessities, rather than accessories!

Regardless, it’s important to add these lesser-known essentials to your mobile inventory for smooth sailing (or cruising) on the open road…

1. A 15-Foot Sewer Hose

The truth of the matter is that RV parks aren’t always designed for convenience. So you may find yourself parked a little farther away from the sewer dump than you’d like.

In this case, make sure you own a sewer hose that’s able to stretch 15 to 20-feet or more in order to reach the dump site from your campsite.

Make sure to get your hands on a sewer hose that fits into your travel trailer. Often they can be too big and have to be stored inside your one of your RV compartments. Not ideal!

The 15′ Camco dump hose is perfect for the job. It has the right angle bracket with a clear view piece so that you can see whether your waste is moving or not.

2. Light-Weight Plastic Sewer Tracks

On the topic of sewerage, it’s wise to invest in a set of sewer tracks which help to keep your sewer hose elevated and off the ground. They are also designed to let gravity assist in moving your waste to the dump site!

Sewer tracks are essential if you intend on staying at a particular RV site for an extended period of time.

Always go for the lightweight plastic kind as they’re easy to clean and store after use. The Camco Sidewinder range found on Amazon retails for just $28 and is well worth the investment to keep your sewer hose clean and dry.

3. An Anti-Kink Drinking Water Hose

As a kid, you may have drunk out of the garden hose and thought nothing of it. But as adults, we know now that it’s not the best idea!

Invest in a 50-foot drinking water hose which you can connect to a public water faucet. Drinking bottled water throughout your trip is not always economical nor environmentally friendly.

You can find a range of drinking water hoses in Amazon, but some of the best are from Camco. They’re generally thicker than standard drinking hoses so they don’t kink. They’re also lead-free and cost around $28.

4. A Solid Brass Hose Connector

In order to connect your drinking hose with convenience, purchasing a hose connector will just make your life 10 times easier!

This will help to attach your water hose to your RV without hassle, while the elbow shape helps to protect your hose connection for longer.

Go for a solid brass option which tends to last for longer and hold out against the elements. You can generally find these parts on Amazon for as little as $5.

5. A Water Filtration System

On the topic of drinking water – invest in a water filter which can be attached directly to your drinking water hose.

Most RV models built after 2016 have a built-in water filter system, but you can never be too safe. If you prefer, you could also go with a Brita water dispenser which can be stored in your fridge for extra pure water.

6. A Water Pressure Regulator

Finally, in order to protect your RV faucets from blowing a lid, a water pressure regulator is 100% necessary.

The public water pressure at many RV parks can be extremely strong, so a water pressure regulator will ensure your taps are kept in good shape.

While there are plenty of overpriced regulators out there, Camco sells an all-brass regulator for around $10 on Amazon and it works a treat!

7. A Heavy Duty Extension Cord

If you find yourself with an empty generator and no power, a 30 AMP extension cord could be a complete lifesaver!

Simply plug it in a friend’s garage if you’re parked in the driveway or any public power outlet at an RV park. Sometimes electrical boxes are also in inconvenient locations, so an extension cord can assist with reach.

Go for a heavy duty extension cord no less than 25 feet long. Most extension cords found on Amazon or in hardware stores are fitted with handy grip handles and coated with heat-resistant PVC.

8. 10-Pack Leveling Block Kit

Sometimes you just aren’t going to find that perfectly level dry patch you’re looking for at an RV park. This is where leveling blocks come in to change the game.

Use leveling blocks for your tires to help stabilize your RV jacks and keep everything in place if your site is a little uneven.

Go with a trusted brand such as Lynx Levelers which can be found on Amazon. They retail for around $28 and are well-known for their modular design which can withstand tremendous amounts of weight.

9. An Upgraded Shower head

Most RVs are fitted with cheap shower heads that just aren’t designed with any form of water flow in mind. Make the investment and purchase a shower head with a decent water flow that won’t cut off all your hot water either!

Some shower heads are also specifically designed to cut water flow for when you need to save water on the road.

You can generally find water flow controlled shower heads on Amazon for around $8. They’re ideal because they let you turn the water off and on while shampooing, helping to save water.

10. A Remote Start Generator

This may be a no-brainer for most RV owners, but try and get your hands on a remote-start generator that is as quiet as possible.

Many RVers today swear by the highly reliable Champion 75537i inverter generator with remote start.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to invest in a 5-gallon can of gas and store it away safely inside your RV.

A 5-gallon can should last approximately one week of camping when the generator is used intermittently.

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