How to Organize Your RV: Top Tips from the Pros

RV Orgranization

Traveling in an RV can be a lot of fun but it comes with plenty of challenges as well.

One of the biggest of these can be working with limited space. Staying organized can help make for a better trip, and improve the overall travel experience.

These pro tips will help determine how you should organize your RV.

1. Label Everything

One of the very best things that RV owners can do to stay organized on the road is to start labeling everything. Having clear labels on every single storage bin or container in an RV can be incredibly beneficial.

RVers should label the contents of each storage bin on the top or on its side. This way, they’ll always know what type of item is in each box without needing to open it up.

No longer will RVers have to dig through each box to find what they’re looking for. By labeling their boxes beforehand, they’ll know whether it has what they’re looking for or not before they start digging through it.

2. Utilize Vertical Space

RV owners often neglect to use a lot of storage space that they could be making use of. RV woners shouldn’t just stick to using designated storage areas and closets only, but should also make use of vertical space in their RVs as well.

It’s a great idea to customize an RV with some great storage hangers and unique vertical storage units. It’s also a great idea to invest in some storage units that will attach to the back of doors or cabinets.

By making use of the vertical space in an RV, RV owners will be able to store more stuff while keeping the floors free from clutter.

3. Hang Up Items As Much As Possible

As part of utilizing all levels in an RV, RVers should generally be hanging up anything and everything that they’re able to. Hanging any items that they can in a closet, overhead, against the walls, or in a hanging storage unit can be very helpful for keeping an RV tidy.

Doing this will allow RVers to keep items off the floor and will give them more walking space. It can be a big mistake to start piling items up on the floor, under the table, and under the bed, so RV owners should always be hanging up everything that they can.

The bathroom is a specific area where RVers will also want to hang everything up that they can, particularly if they’re traveling with the whole family. RVers should consider getting a storage container that hangs over the shower head and a storage unit that hangs on the bathroom door as well.

4. Opt for Stackable and Collapsible Items

When vacationing or traveling in an RV, products that can stack or collapse may just end up being a great help. Bowls, plates, cups, silverware or anything else that can be collapsed or condensed can help to maximize space in an RV and can be a true lifesaver when on the road.

These kinds of products will all help to give RV owners more space at their disposal and will take up a lot less space than their more traditional counterparts. RVers should consider getting as many of these stackable and collapsible items for their RV as possible if they’re serious about staying organized.

5. Get Rid of Excess Packaging

When living the RV life, it’s a good idea for RVers to consider getting rid of any excess packaging that they have. Cereal boxes, chip bags, and other store-bought items often come with packages that include a lot of excess space that isn’t actually needed.

A way to deal with this is to throw this excess packaging away and instead transfer items such as cereal into plastic storage containers. By using their own storage containers, RVers will have more control over how things are stored and will be able to use containers that are the right shape and size for their needs.

Doing this will give an RV more space than expected and will give RV owners more control and flexibility when trying to fit items into RV cabinets and storage.

6. Use Entry Containers

Having containers for various items at the entrance of an RV can also be a great help for keeping an RV free of clutter.

It’s a good idea for RVers to have a designated bowl or storage container for keys, phones, loose change, and anything else they carry around during the day. It’s also a good idea to have a bin for shoes. An area to hang jackets and coats can also be helpful.

Anything that is taken outside that isn’t needed once indoors should have a bin that can be accessed easily as soon as RVers enter their RV. This can keep things organized and will help RVers avoid placing any items on the couch, the bed, or the table.

7. Keep Items Secure During Transit

While hanging items up and using plenty of storage containers can be helpful, RVers shouldn’t forget during all of this that they should also make sure that anything they store is secure.

Some storage ideas may not seem like such a good idea once the RV is on the road. It can be incredibly frustrating for RVers to arrive at a destination only to find that items have haphazardly slid around the RV while they were on the highway.

RV owners should make sure that they have a way to secure anything that will be hanging on the wall or any storage bins that they’ll be using.

Avoiding Clutter With These RV Organization Tips

While the RV organization tips above are just the beginning of organizing an RV effectively, these are some good principles and ideas that RV owners should keep in mind to keep things tidy. By making great use of storage containers and being aware of clutter at all times, RVers will be able to stay organized when on the road.

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