RV Tips for Saving Money on Meals

One way to quickly overspend your vacation budget in your new and used RV is to eat out way more than you intended. How can you avoid this? With a great meal plan that’s easy, efficient, and affordable. Here are some RV tips to save time and money on meals while camping!

Make a (Meal) Plan – And Stick to It

This is easier than you think. First, figure out how many meals you actually want to eat out, and shoot to fill in the blanks on the others. Here’s a suggested dinner plan that works for my family when we’re camping:

  • Monday: eat in RV
  • Tuesday: eat out
  • Wednesday: leftovers
  • Thursday: eat in RV
  • Friday: eat out
  • Saturday: leftovers
  • Sunday: eat in RV

Second, pick your favorite, quick, and easy meals you already love to prepare at home. Even better if they have shared ingredients, like ground beef or chicken breasts. That allows you to save money by purchasing a larger amount upfront and dividing it in advance. Don’t forget to utilize your RV’s freezer!

Stock the Pantry

Take advantage of your pantry space in your new or used RV and put it to work for you. Fill the pantry or cabinets with dry goods that will also work for several recipes, such as instant potatoes, canned veggies, and soup mixes. Make breakfast easy utilizing instant oatmeal packets and granola bars.

RV Meal Tips

Preassemble and Freeze

Honestly, the more you can pre-prepare or pre-assemble, the easier it will be to follow through with your meal plan. Let’s face it, when you’ve had a long day of fun on your camping trip, you don’t always want to come back and cook a meal. But if it’s 90% finished, it’s easy!

RV Meal Tips

When you buy and prep your ingredients ahead of time, you can store many meals in gallon size freezer bags. I freeze mine flat to save on freezer space. Pre-assembling your meals allows you to pull a meal from the freezer in the morning and throw it on the grill or in the oven later in the day.

RV Meal Tips

Eating out is fun, but overspending your vacation budget isn’t! With a little bit of planning, your meals while camping can be a breeze. And you’ll enjoy getting the most out of all the features in your new or used RV – especially if you have an RV with an outdoor kitchen! Need some help picking out the perfect RV? We’re ready to help! Contact us today!

RV Meal Tips

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