RV Tips: Pack Lighter & Smarter!

You might be making a list of your RV camping destinations for this year, but a good idea is to also make an overall packing list to refer to before embarking on each trip. Everyone has different ideas of what they need to pack, but it can be difficult to anticipate what you’ll need and what you won’t. Here are some good RV tips on what to pack and what to  leave behind, which can help make your trip in your new or used RV both prepared for anything and yet not overstuffed with things you don’t need.

Pack These

RV Packing Tips

You’ll definitely want to make sure you’re covered in the necessities, so make sure to pack the following:

  • First aid kit
  • Tool kit with tools that correspond to your RV and vehicle
  • Ponchos and umbrellas
  • RV-friendly toilet paper
  • Flashlights in a couple different sizes, plus extra batteries

RV Packing Tips


But Don’t Pack These

Physical items instead of digital versions. Digital alternatives free up space as well as weight. Replace atlases and maps with apps, books with ebooks or audio books, and DVDs for a streaming service. Also, leave behind your work and project deadlines, period. Stay present with your family and don’t check in with bosses or coworkers.

And You’ll Need More of These

Sunscreen, bug repellant, and lip balm. These are easy things to keep on hand to protect your skin from the elements. Keep your new or used RV’s pantry stocked with packaged snacks and bottled water to enjoy between meals or during a hike. Invest in a quality wet bag – a reusable product to stuff wet or dirty clothes and shoes in until you can wash them.

Any space in an RV is really at a premium, so you need to guard the space you have by starting with the necessities. Fill in the gaps later with the fun stuff you just can’t live without. Still, a new or used RV with substantial storage space can make a huge difference, so contact us today if you need to shop for a unit that better accommodates your needs!

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