Save Now, Play Later! Get in on Pre-Ordering Your RV Today!

Save BIG now, PLAY later! Why is right now the best time to buy an RV? You might not have any camping trips planned in the next few weeks, but it’s a fantastic time to buy because you can pocket the savings NOW and enjoy your perfect new RV from BT Camper with your family at the time that’s right for you. How? By pre-ordering your RV!


Save Now, Play Later

Pre-ordering your RV now lets you lock in the savings and get the deals you want on a gorgeous new RV. Then, when it arrives, or the weather is perfect, you can head out and enjoy your best vacations yet with your family, knowing you’ve already gotten a rock bottom price!

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You can also narrow your search by shopping by RV type:

Other ways to shop include by family size, popular floor plan options (like bunkhouses, outdoor kitchens, and more), and price range. And thanks to these amazing deals, you’ll probably find that there are more RVs suddenly in your price range than ever before. RVing has never been so popular – or so affordable! Families across the nation have turned to RVing as their new method of vacationing during a year when conventional traveling has been widely canceled or restricted. Why not join them – and at an unbeatable price by pre-ordering your RV!

Finally, to put a little a smile on your face, we’ve compiled the following graphic to offer some friendly social distancing reminders. Stay safe around other people – and safer around wildlife while enjoying a camping trip in your new RV from BT Camper!


Ready to save now and play later? We’re ready to help! Contact us today to inquire about pre-ordering your new RV from BT Camper!

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