Save Thousands During Our Cruiser MPG Sale!

When you’re traveling with a big family, everything you do gets multiplied – the space you take up, the cost of food, or the expense of fun activities. I grew up with six siblings and now I have five kids of my own, and I’m mentally doing the math every time the family is all together. People take up a lot of space – and their stuff does, too!

It may seem silly, but the weight of an RV that’s big enough to accommodate your entire family is a serious concern if you’re traveling with a lot of people. You don’t want to strain the engine of your towing vehicle, but you also don’t want to go out and buy a different truck just to accommodate your RV. And honestly, you don’t want to just give up on getting the best gas mileage you can just because you’re hauling something heavy.

The good news is that there are options available that are the best of both worlds: something large enough to vacation with all the kids, and yet lightweight enough to give you the peace of mind when hauling it down the interstate. During our Cruiser MPG Sale, you can take advantage of some huge discounts on ultra-lightweight Cruiser MPG travel trailers for sale. Check out one of these amazing travel trailers below!

Cruiser MPG Sale

Ultra-Lightweight Even for Big Families

Our Cruiser MPG 2750BH travel trailer for sale gives you the space you need without weighing you down! This model sleeps up to nine people, and as with all Cruiser MPG models, includes a king size bed in the private bedroom.

Cruiser MPG Sale

You’ll also find a set of double bunks and a convertible sofa sleeper and dinette to offer even more sleeping space. (And if the double bunks don’t suit you, we have a variety of Cruiser MPG floor plans with different bunk house arrangements.)

Cruiser MPG Sale

Ultra-Lightweight Convenience

Even though there’s plenty of room for everyone, this isn’t a bulky RV weighing you down. Check out the following weight specifications:

  • Hitch weight: 680 lbs
  • Gross weight: 9480 lbs
  • Dry weight: 6300 lbs
  • Cargo weight: 3180 lbs

Cruiser MPG Sale

The Best of All Worlds

We mentioned that it’s the best of both worlds in being ultra-lightweight and also accommodating the whole family, but it gets better. We’ve reduced the price on these units for quick sale. You’re getting the right trailer at the right size, the right weight, and at the right price! It’s the best of all worlds! We have several other Cruiser MPG travel trailers for sale during our special sales event, so contact us today if you’d like to take a look.

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