3 Pieces of Cast Iron You’ll Want to Take Camping – And Why!

3 Pieces of Cast Iron You’ll Want to Take Camping – And Why!

Have you ever cooked with cast iron? It’s an amazing way to enjoy flavorful, delicious foods. Our cast iron tools go with us on every camping trip but I use them year-round in my kitchen, too! Believe it or not, there are actually benefits of cooking with cast iron. Learn more below, and grab up some of our top recommended cast iron cooking tools. Shop from your favorite independent or online retailer.

Naturally Nonstick and Long Lasting

The cast iron skillet I use almost every single day came from my grandmother! A good piece of cast iron will last decades at the very least, and gets better the longer you use it.

Plus, it’s naturally nonstick, which means you won’t be scraping bits of Teflon/nonstick coating into your food as the pan gradually wears down. Cast iron skillets are great for scrambling eggs, frying bacon and potatoes, and even baking biscuits!


Healthier for You

You might not be putting flecks of nonstick coating into your food, but you know what you are putting into it? Extra nutrients – specifically iron. Many adults are low in iron, which can result in anemia and low energy. Give yourself a boost and cook those flapjacks on a cast iron griddle!

Absorbs and Retains Heat

Because cast iron heats fully through, it takes a lot longer to cool down. This means when you cook your campfire stew or chili in a cast iron Dutch oven, you can pull it off the heat once it’s done cooking and it’ll keep warm for quite awhile, eliminating the need to reheat it for anyone who wants seconds.

When I cook chili at home in a cast iron Dutch oven, I find that it’s easier to bring it to a steady temperature and hold it there as long as needed.

What are your favorite meals to fix while camping in your new or used RV? You might be surprised to find out it can probably be made with cast iron. Whether you fry up eggs and bacon on your RV’s outdoor kitchen cooktop or set some stew over the campfire, there’s a piece of cast iron that will get the job done every time. Contact us today for help selecting the RV that’s just right for your family!