Kick Off 2022 with the Perfect Camping Destination: Mammoth Cave National Park!

2022 is just around the corner! Where are you heading in your new or used RV? If you’re already thinking about your first camping destination in the new year, don’t miss out on visiting Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky.


Mammoth Cave National Park

Mammoth Cave is an immensely special and impressive National Park. It is the longest and largest known cave system – in the entire world! Its cave systems are continuously expanded through exploration, and covers more than 400 miles. Visitors may hike and explore the caving trails that reach almost 12 miles. For visitors who prefer to do their hiking above ground, you can enjoy almost 70 miles of nature trails.


During the warm months, you can also enjoy outdoor activities such as canoeing, kayaking, and more. Grab a list of outdoor activities you can enjoy at Mammoth Cave National Park here.

Caving Tours

Mammoth Cave National Park offers caving tours, which the whole family can enjoy! Because the park is committed to adhering to federal guidelines for Covid-19 precautions, visitors are highly encouraged to make advance reservations, which you can do here.

Hikers of all skill levels are welcome! You’ll find ½-mile hikes on easy terrain as well as 3-miles hikes on advanced and rugged terrain – and everything in between. There are even accessible trails so that this beautiful and unforgettable landscape can truly be enjoyed by everyone.

Camping at the Park

Mammoth Cave National Park has plenty of camping options, which you can learn about here. You’ll find Mammoth Cave National Park to be a deeply impactful experience for your family, so don’t delay. Make your campground reservations today. Then, contact us for your routine RV service so by the time you’re ready to hitch up and haul, your RV is ready for the road. Happy trails to you in the new year!