Stater Kit

Starter Kit

When buying a new camper there are things that you might need that will become very useful to you in the future. This list will help you get started with the things you might need as you are setting up your camper or in the process of using it.

  • Sewer Hose and proper attachments for your camper
  • Freshwater Hose (not black or green hoses because they are made of recycled material that could contaminate system)
  • Water Regulator (with no more than a max setting of 60psi)
  • Wheel Chocks (usually recommended to have at least 4 to go in front and back of each side)
  • Leveling blocks (To level your camper when you are on unlevel ground)
  • Bubble Level (To level the camper out with the leveling blocks)
  • RV or Septic Safe Toilet Paper (Important to make sure that your toilet paper can dissolve)
  • Black Tank Chemical (Something that you can put into your black tank to try and help break down the things that go into it)
  • Spare Fuses (It is important to see what fuses your camper has so you can have some extras laying around if one blows)
  • Surge Protector (Important to protect all of the electrical things in the camper from a power surge)

Useful Tools

  • Torque Wrench & appropriate sockets (Need to make sure to check the torque of your lug nuts every trip)
  • Multimeter (To make sure that you can check power when troubleshooting a problem)
  • Jack (In order to jack up the camper if you get a flat tire)
  • Drill and attachment for stabilizer jacks (If you have stabilizer jacks that you have to crank a drill makes it much easier)
  • Screwdrivers
  • Flashlight