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Procedures Related to COVID-19

General Statement from Bill Thomas Camper Sales

We want to serve the best interests of our employees and customers: Safety First. Our business supports 30 hard working families in this community.

RV Sales

RV Sales will only proceed in a manner that protects the safety of both Bill Thomas Camper Sales employees and the public.

  • Customers may come to the store to shop. We ask that you call ahead to let us know what you are interested in. When you arrive, we will provide entrance to the front door and observe social distance of at least six feet. We will walk with you to the RVs of interest and remain outside the RV while you are inside. All interaction back in the building will be observant of the social distance guidelines.
  • Another method we are happy to follow is the live stream walk around. We will gladly show you any RV you would like via an internet stream such as a Facetime. Let us know what you would like to see and we'll make it happen.
  • We will also be glad to make a walk-around video of the RV. We have a service that allows us to record and post the video for you to stream. No download required. It's a great way to learn about the product at your leisure.

RV Parts

We have a store stocked with camping accessories and repair parts. We have a couple options to serve your needs:

  • If you know what you need, we're happy to complete the purchase over the phone and ship the product to you.  We can also arrange for pickup outside the build.
  • We can accommodate if you need to shop in the store. Call us so we know you're on the way and what you're looking for. We'll let you in to browse on your own -- we'll all stay 6-feet apart,and complete your purchase at the counter.

RV Service

We will accomplish your RV service maintaining safe distance and safe practices for both the staff and you.

We have an independent and insured driver who can pick-up and return your RV to you. There is an additional fee. We'll discuss it case-by-case. In all cases, we'll make appointment arrangements and scope of work discussions by phone.

  • If you bring your RV to us:  Pull it in to the drop-off area in front of the shop doors. Stay in your vehicle. Either call the office at 636-327-5900 or honk your horn and one of our staff will disconnect your unit from the tow vehicle. After that, you are good to go.
  • At this point, we will go through your RV with the list you previously provided. We'll make a short video, which we will send you, to document the work to be done. This process is vital to insure we understand what you want to be done, and the video is the best way to accomplish this important task because we cannot be face-to-face as before.
  • When the work is complete, we will make another short video to show you what we did. We will wipe-down and sanitize flat surfaces and our work area, then lock the door. No one else will enter the RV.
  • We will email or text the invoice to you and arrange for payment of any charges due.
  • When you're ready, we'll set your RV out for pickup or make arrangements with the driver to return the RV to you.

RV Purchase Pick-Up Delivery

The first thing to know is every new or pre-owned RV we sell will be completely checked out and ready to go at delivery. The most important aspect of the delivery process is educating you to safely use the RV and then all of the features for fun and comfort.

  • First, we will perform our normal PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) protocol.  The RV will be checked out and inspected. All systems will function properly. LP bottles will be filled.
  • Next, our technician will do a virtual walk-through. This is accomplished by the technician doing his normal routine, but instead of talking to you face-to-face, he'll be talking to a video camera. The video is stored in the cloud and is accessed via streaming, so you'll always have access to it. We will wipe down and sanitize the RV on our way out.
  • IMPORTANT:  We will provide you with a face-to-face checkout after the All-Clear is issued and we're allowed to meet in person.
  • At pickup, you should watch the video while in your RV. If you have questions or need clarification on anything, we'll be here to help.
  • Hitch and Test Drive:  We will demonstrate the proper hitching and unhitching procedure in-person while keeping at least 6-feet distance between you and the technician. Once hitched, we will take a short test drive to insurance everything is set-up and working properly. The technician will wear gloves while in your vehicle. After the drive, the technician will wipe-down the steering wheel, center console, brake control and anything else he may have touched.

RV Sales Paperwork

Our preferred method to complete paperwork is to send everything to you via express mail prior to your delivery date. You can sign everything and bring it with you at delivery. Otherwise, we'll have a station set up in the building that will keep you and the business manager appropriately separated.